Actionable URL Insight

We deliver the most robust data sets for any URL. Drilled down to the exact page level.

Incoming Traffic
Where a visitor was before coming to the target page. Broad, Precise, & All Redirects!
Outgoing Traffic
Where do visitors go after visiting the targeted page. Broad, Precise, & All Redirects!
Similar Sites
Get a list of similar sites that are directly related to the target site.
Other Domains
Identify other domains that are also owned by the targeted site.

Get Precise Data!

Spyder<DEV> is unlike any other "similar link" services! Our data drills down to the page level ( and gets you the data you need for specific pages within ANY DOMAIN! We give you both "Broad" & "Precise" traffic patters at the page and domain level, for both Incoming and Outgoing traffic!

Identify Competition

Similar & Owned Sites

Only finding traffic patterns for a web page is not enough, we also give you a full list of similas sites to your target, as well as all other domains owned!


Quickly Build Lists of Targetable URLS

Our system allows you to easily export up to 1k URLS at a time with the ability to quickly remove variables and shorten to any length you like.

Behind the Scenes

Not only will you get a detailed report for any URL, you will also get any and all redirects that a link may lead through, those behind the scene redirects that are never exposed. Our system will capture these redirects and display them for you for the incoming links, along with identifying any outgoing redirects that visitors will follow when exiting, this is usually the case for ads and is an invaluable opportunity.

You Keep Your Reports

A historical record will be kept in your account.
Allowing you to quickly revisit your previous searches and extract data anytime you like!


We have setup a special DEMO version of Spyder to give tou a feel for what the tool can do. Feel free to give it a try before committing to a plan, this will also get you access to our internal support system where we can answer any questions you may have proir to purchase. Get in take a test drive and explore the wealth of data that you never had before!